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Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center Finds Additional Cash

An assessment and redesign of business processes combined with guaranteed cash results leads to improving staff understanding and skills, optimizing the revenue cycle

The Need

Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center needed help to identify key areas of opportunity to quickly improve cash flow. The facility wanted to identify all organizational and process changes required for best practices in revenue cycle management.

The Solution

Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center deployed re|assess™ complemented by an experienced re|solution manager to identify missed opportunities for reimbursement while providing training to key staff and implementing sustainable and proven improvements to the facility’s processes.

The Benefit

Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center with the re|assess™ program, assisted by re|solution, quickly billed over $2,000,000 in missed charges resulting in $1,300,000 in additional cash for MMSC. Improvements to process, CDM and Charge Capture will ensure long-term sustainability.

Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center (MMSC) is a 125 bed acute care facility nestled in the heart of Iowa. It is the only full-service medical center serving the community and surrounding areas. It provides more than 60,000 residents with 24-hour emergency care, a state-of-the-art Diagnostic Imaging department, Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Rehabilitation Center, and a host of outreach programs. MMSC also owns and operates four primary care medical clinics in Marshalltown, Conrad, State Center, and Toledo. Their mission is to create and continually improve services that respond to health care needs within the community. They are dedicated to teamwork, integrity, and providing compassionate quality care to patients and families.

Safeguarding Community Services

MMSC’s leadership, while focused on addressing the needs of the community they served, was concerned with the integrity of their revenue cycle. A lack of cash threatened their ability to meet the healthcare needs of their community. Facing the numerous challenges of current healthcare reform and the threat of decreased reimbursement for Medicare and Medicaid, MMSC needed to quickly identify areas in which they were missing opportunities for optimal reimbursement.

Balancing Community and Revenue Cycle Integrity

MMSC leadership selected re|solution to assess their current revenue cycle and offer recommendations for proven, scalable, improvements to revenue cycle performance and integrity. In keeping with their commitment to community and rural healthcare facilities, re|solution guaranteed to find more cash opportunities than the assessment cost or the difference would be refunded. The review was completed and recommendations for improving business and operational processes and specific key areas of opportunity to optimize reimbursement were presented to MMSC’s leadership.

Hillary Dolbee –CEO for MMSC said, “The price of the Guaranteed Revenue Improvement Program was minimal compared to the value of the additional cash found and process improvements implemented. re|solution was easy to work with and immediately put our staff at ease. We also opted to do part of the rebilling work remotely from the re|solution service center which saved us additional money.”

A Solid Foundation Provides Sustainable Measurable Results

MMSC leadership collaborated with re|solution following a full assessment and the identification of key areas of opportunity for additional billing assistance needed to move quickly in billing missed charges. The re|solution team, together with MMSC staff, identified and billed $2,000,000 in missed charges, resulting in $1,300,000 in much-needed additional cash for MMSC.

As part of the re|assess™ program, re|solution professionals in partnership with the MMSC team, developed new processes and implemented tools the facilities would use to create and sustain improvements. Along with billing assistance, re|solution undertook a Charge Capture, departmental process, and CDM review to optimize reimbursement. The on-site, re|solution Project Manager provided resources, skills, and suggestions for process improvements to increase cash performance.

re|solution provided a full scope of services during the Guaranteed Revenue Improvement Program:

  • Determined deficits and areas of improvement
  • Provided the resources, tools and training to increase staff knowledge, confidence and skills
  • Provided billing and collection of identified accounts to increase cash

Guaranteed for Peace of Mind

Locating unbilled charges and the education of MMSC’s staff while generating just over $1,300,000 in additional cash for the hospital is impressive, but more significant are the process improvements and the knowledge transferred to Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center’s business office staff for long term sustainable results.

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