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As a widely recognized leader in optimizing revenue cycle performance in rural and community hospitals, we have worked with facilities across the nation. With our experience, the chances are good that we can help your facility.

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Dallam-Harley Counties Hospital District increases cash and reduces expenses

Insourcing partnership reduces billing and follow up costs, increases cash flow and compliance, providing the benefits of outsourcing without eliminating staff or taking processes offsite.


The Need

Dallam Hartley was facing serious financial impact from significant revenue cycle operational issues; revenues had declined, DNFB was unstable, and long standing coding issues and training needs had gone unaddressed. Deficits in staffing added to the challenging situation.

The Solution
In partnership with re|solution, Dallam Hartley deployed re|store™. re|solution placed a Revenue Cycle Manager onsite to assist with training current staff, securing additional staffing, stabilizing the DNFB and billing. The staff worked aggressively to meet milestone goals.

The Benefit
Dallam Hartley realized a net benefit of nearly $500,000, eliminated billing compliance exposure, and increased cash by approximately 4% on flat revenue. The engagement continues to focus on moving all key performance indicators even closer to best practice levels. Dallam Hartley has requested that re|solution also assume responsibility for clinic billing operations due to superior performance.

Dallam Hartley Counties Hospital District (DHCHD) is located in the northwest corner of the Lone Star state and is committed to being the primary quality healthcare resource for Dallam-Hartley counties and the surrounding areas. DHCHD is a 25-bed acute care facility offering Level IV trauma services, inpatient and outpatient services, 24-hour emergency room, surgery, nursing, laboratory and radiology. They are dedicated to excellence in patient care, offering a wide spectrum of clinical expertise, supported by an exceptional range of technology and staff.

Ensuring Community Services

Like many rural and community providers, DHCHD faced serious financial impact from significant revenue cycle operational issues. Executive leadership recognized that staffing deficits, new and changing healthcare regulations, economic challenges, a lack of billing and compliance training and coding issues were directly impacting cash. They were seeking a meaningful long term solution to decrease waste and improve efficiency. Executive Leadership reviewed a variety of options to quickly and positively resolve operational issues and improve cash flow. They determined partnering with re|solution for a full insource with transparent pricing would best support these goals.

Making a Smooth Transition

DHCHD’s leadership and re|solution collaborated to create an Engagement Management Action Plan for an efficient insource transition. The plan outlined a variety of milestones and goals designed to optimize revenue cycle operations. DHCHD employees were transitioned to re|solution, retaining jobs in the community.

Leroy Schaffner – CEO for DHCHD said, “re|solution’s focus on process improvement and best practices has improved and streamlined our billing and follow-up, while at the same time increasing our cash flow.” 

Quickly deploying productivity initiatives and training creates a solid foundation for future performance

While a typical outsource removes jobs from the community and does nothing to reduce expenditures, re|store™ insourcing eliminates these dilemmas. re|solution assumed responsibility for the day to day operations and immediately began work on implementing the Engagement Management Action Plan. An experienced re|solution revenue cycle manager was placed onsite to support training and mentoring the current staff and also took responsibility for managing the additional re|solution team brought on-site to assist in swiftly improving cash flow.

Highlights of the best practice plan included:

  • Immediate compliance training/testing to staff
  • Reduce and stabilize DNFB
  • Resolve long standing coding issues
  • Conduct a charge capture review
  • Train ER registrars and clinic staff
  • Revise Self-pay letters and statements
  • Implementation of re|discover claims management technology

Guaranteed Performance Peace of Mind

re|solution quickly provided additional staff upon transition to ensure revenue cycle improvements proceeded quickly. The business office staff immediately completed compliance and billing training and testing eliminating billing compliance exposure by utilizing best practices. Cash increased nearly 4% on flat revenue.
re|solution collected additional cash and DHCHD realized a net benefit of nearly $500,000. DHCHD has requested that re|solution also assume responsibility for clinic billing operations due to superior performance. The engagement continues to focus on moving all key performance indicators even closer to best practice levels.

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