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Forrest General completes successful system conversion and wind down of legacy accounts receivable

Conversion to EPIC completed without affecting accounts receivable, cash flow, or hospital staff.


The Need

Forest General faced the risk of incompatible receivables and reduced cash flow while planning for and implementing a much‐needed system conversion.

The Solution 

Forrest General deployed re|wind complemented by a re|solution project manager to assist in preparing for the conversion with internal staff. Another project manager and team were assigned to work on cash acceleration on the legacy system. 

The Benefit

re|solution was assigned 63,946 accounts, and more than $60 million was resolved during the conversion. Forrest General saw no meaningful decrease in cash flow after the conversion and re|solution reduced 75% of the remaining legacy accounts within 90 days.

Forrest General is a 512‐bed level II regional trauma center hospital system headquartered in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, that provides health services to a 19‐county area. Generations of Pine Belt residents have counted on Forrest General, and today's generations continue to rely on the comprehensive care offered through the hospital's constantly expanding range of healthcare services. The hospital handles over 50,000 outpatient visits annually, manages a Cancer Center, SNF, a Behavior Health Center, and provides a wealth of healthcare services to the citizens of Southern Mississippi.

Ensuring Community Services

Like every healthcare provider, FGH faced the uncertainty of healthcare regulation, an unpredictable economy, high community unemployment, and the threat of decreasing reimbursement for Medicare and Medicaid. Leadership acknowledged that planning and sound preparation for the future was the key to their continued success in the region. When they decided an EPIC system conversion would support their goals, executives reviewed the best strategy to prepare for conversion and minimize the risk of a negative impact on their accounts receivable and cash collection during the conversion.

Protecting the Health of the Hospital

Cautious about managing the risks involved in a system conversion, FGH worked with re|solution to increase and maintain consistent cash performance ahead of the change.

Planning and execution creates a solid foundation for a successful conversion and future performance

FGH worked closely with re|solution in preparation for the EPIC conversion. The development of the EPIC system and the intense planning and training required for a successful conversion introduced significant risk to the facility’s ability to preserve cash performance. re|solution provided the resources, skills, and processes necessary to maintain and even increase cash performance while FGH staff focused on the impending system changes.

The goal was to close out the legacy accounts receivable system as quickly as possible. Executives from FGH and re|solution understood that the scope of this project was significant and would require twelve months to complete. Two re|solution project managers (RPM) joined FGH on site to define the scope of the effort and develop work plans. One RPM assisted the FGH revenue cycle manager in preparing for the conversion with internal staff. The second RPM took responsibility for managing the additional re|solution team brought on‐site to assist in the critical cash acceleration on the legacy system. 

re|solution provided a full scope of services leading up to and during the conversion: 

  • Collecting on assigned accounts 
  • Assisting FGH staff in slowing current accounts aging past 90 days
  • Training FGH team members in preparation for the EPIC system going live 

Guaranteed Performance – Peace of Mind 

EPIC does not recommend transferring accounts receivable from legacy systems and advises that accounts receivable is likely to increase while cash flow will decrease during any conversion. FGH did not experience any significant contraction in cash flow during the conversion and re|solution reduced 75% of the remaining legacy accounts within 90 days of conversion.

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